Installing a hidden cistern got faster and easier than ever

3 hours. That is how long it takes to manually manufacture old-style toilet cisterns.

3 more hours – that is how long it takes to install it in the bathroom wall.

Massive costs in materials for old-style toilet cisterns cost, materials you need to physically transport to the construction site.

In contrast, the Gbox can be easily installed within 20 minutes, spares the home much dust and filth and creates a uniform, perfect result. It is universally compatible with all flushing systems. As a result, you can get around to installing it much earlier, with far greater flexibility in your construction and renovation schedule. Obviously, the lower costs and more rapid timetable benefit the homeowner as well – it’s a win-win-win situation!

The basic concept is a plastic mold to cover the ceramics over a concealed toilet cistern, provided as a shelf product and installation kit.

The kit is intended for the plumbers and floorers who are currently spending hours manually fitting and installing covert toilet cisterns – no prior gypsum and construction work knowledge required.

The mold is installed simply in the positions the installation ports demand, and it can be levelled and anchored as necessary to the wall. Since the mold arrives in its final form, the installation will be rapid, directly to the wall and floor, with no need for additional cuts or measurements – our mold can withstand any associated pressures.

This prefabricated installation saves hours of work, and hence considerable expenses from the installer.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to discuss purchase and distribution options.

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Traditional concealed cistern installation

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