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Why muck about with old style cisterns, when you can install the Gbox with a third of the cost and a tenth of the time

Horizon Covers is proud to present you with nothing less than the toiletry revolution that will define the 2020s in the field – a unique product, the Gbox, which is slated to completely replace every toilet cistern currently on the market.

Are you ready to be an early adopter, who will benefit from the new trend while your competitors continue wasting time, and charging higher prices for messily installing inferior, harder to repair cisterns?

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If you are prepared to embrace a change in the way things have always been done – read on.

How it all started

Roi worked in construction for over two decades and installed hundreds of toilet cisterns during that time. It was always an incredibly time consuming, painstaking process which required him to lug a huge quantity of materials to the home, filled the home with plaster dust, required hours of manually constructing and fitting the cistern, and careful finishing to ensure a relaxing atmosphere in the restroom. But however much of a hassle installation was, repair and upkeep was worse. Whenever there was leakage or blockage all the panels had to go and the entire toilet cistern had to be dismantled. Roi knew there had to be a better way. And as anyone who knows Roi, knows that when gets an idea into his head there is only one thing he can do. He tinkers. He experiments. And he eventually comes up with some workaround that seems obvious in hindsight. In this case Roi came up with a pre-fabricated toilet cistern. No more laborious and expensive pre-site preparation of gypsum and concrete, on-site manual construction work over 3 hours followed by another 3 hours of installation – with the Gbox, Roi could get the job done in 20 minutes and much lower operational costs.

Going global

It was Roi soon patented his invention and formed a partnership with Moshe (sales), Tzion and Avi (distribution). After establishing the Gbox brand in Israel and establishing strategic partnerships with numerous Israeli contractors, it was time to take the next step. It was time to bring the home toileting revolution to the world. The revolution is coming – will you help lead it, or will you be swept away by it?

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